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Welcome to Ambassadors - How to Use, How to Join



Ask MBA students and alumni about what MBA programs are really like. Get firsthand insights about campus, courses, career services, student life and more here.

New to Ambassadors? Here’s what you need to know in 2 minutes:

1. What are the rules?
2. How can I join?
3. Help! Where should I post?
4. Quick tips for using the forum

1. What are the rules?

Be friendly. Be helpful. Be thankful.

That’s it.

Other not-so-fine print:

THIS IS NOT AN ADMISSIONS OR GMAT FORUM. If you’re concerned about your chances or need help with school selection, you can get a Free Assessment at Touch MBA or better yet, join our Admissions Edge Course & Community for expert application help.

BE A CONTRIBUTOR and don’t ask ambassadors questions you can 1) easily find on school websites or 2) that have already been asked. This is good practice for b-school!

DON’T SPAM. We have a zero tolerance policy. Do it once and you’re out.

2. How can I join?

Just click the “Sign Up” button on the top right.

3. Help! Where should I post?

We have 3 categories:

1. Ambassador AMAs
Search for MBA students from your target school using the search icon on the top right i.e. “CEIBS” and ask them your questions! You can also see our Complete List of Ambassadors & Business Schools to find and connect with students.

2. B-School Wisdom
Ask questions and discuss topics across business schools. Mention members with @member_name so they are notified!

3. Applicants
Meet other applicants and share your journey (or whatever else!) here.

4. Quick tips for using this forum

We want to make interacting and finding info super easy!

Finding MBA Students at Your Target Schools - search for your target schools using the magnifying glass on the top right. It’s there for a reason!

Mentioning or Messaging Others - like Facebook just type @username to alert or involve other members. Members will be notified by email. You can also private message other members, and they will be notified by email.

Bookmark Your Favorite Posts for Easy Reference - click on the bookmark button at the bottom of a topic and that will add that topic to your bookmarks page. You can review your list of bookmarks by clicking your profile image on the top right and choosing the bookmarks icon. Simple!

To Reply with a Quote - to reply with quote, highlight the text you want to quote and a pop-up will appear saying “quote reply.” Click it and that text will be copied to a new post.


If you have feedback, questions, or concerns, please post here.