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WashU Olin MBA - Samuel M. Roth '19 - Applicants with Families, ask me!


Name: Samuel M. Roth
Nationality: American
Pre-MBA Education: Montclair State University, Bachelors in Secondary English Education, Graduated 2008
Work Before MBA: 8 years with Wall Street English, Pearson PLC in Qingdao and Tianjin, China
Work After MBA / Post MBA Goals: Brand Management

Why did you pick Olin? I am particularly keen on the school’s job placement rates and application process. The application process made a clear nod to the fact that not all applicants know precisely what they want to do after their MBA. My purpose to get an MBA is to transition into completely new positions in completely new industries. I view this purpose to be risky, but Olin’s career tracks and job placement rates give me confidence that I will succeed.

Feel free to ask me about…
Why I chose Olin
My experience during the admissions journey
Being an unconventional candidate when applying to business schools
Having a family (wife and child) while being a full-time MBA student
Life in St Louis

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