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Tepper School of Business - Rafay '19 (Pakistan)


Name: Syed Rafay Mahmood
Nationality: Pakistan
Pre-MBA Education: BS Economics, National University of Sciences and Technology
Work Before MBA: Management Consulting, Sidat Hyder, PwC
Work After MBA / Post MBA Goals: Management Consulting / Energy Consulting

I have about 4 years of experience working in management consulting. During this time, I have worked mostly with clients from the public and social sectors. I choose Tepper due to its reputation in data analytics and their Accelerate Leadership Program. I like to run and play tennis. In the months leading up to my MBA, I am working on a start-up along with my job - worst timing ever.

Why did you pick Tepper?

  1. Strong analytics program
  2. Accelerate Leadership Program
  3. Small class size
  4. A relatively more structured curriculum
  5. Reputation

Best part of program? There is this interesting mix of “an easy going attitude” and “intensity” among the current students that I really like. But I will update this when I land in Pittsburgh. Also, mini-semesters.

What should more applicants know about Tepper? Everything I know about Tepper is available publically, so if I can get it right, anyone can. :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask me about…?
Why I decided to do an MBA
Why I chose Tepper
My experience during the admissions journey (still not over…)
Applying for loans as an international applicant
Applying for the I-20
Visa process



Hey Rafay! thank you very much for your anwers

I’d like to know more about your decision to get into Tepper, did you apply to ther schools, what were the interview questions and if you get any schoolarships from them.
Thank you so much for the info



Hey Alexa,

First, I hope this is not TOO late.

I chose Tepper primarily for three reasons; (i) the small class size and the community, (ii) the focus on analytics (optimization, big data, etc.), and (iii) the Accelerate Leadership Program. I would highly recommend listening to Darren’s podcast with Kelly Willson – our head of MBA admissions.

Post MBA I have always been focused on going back to management consulting. So, I applied to other schools with good reputations for management consulting careers. Overall, I applied to four schools. I did not get any scholarship at Tepper.

Hope this helps!