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SMU MBA - Ewei '17(Malaysia) - Ask Me Anything


Name: E Wei
Nationality: Malaysian
Pre-MBA Education: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
Work Before MBA: Senior Customer Support Engineer
Work After MBA / Post MBA Goals: Career switch, still exploring

Why did you pick SMU? Strategic location, is located in central business district area. SMU MBA still consider a young program, MBA program roughly will obtain the ranking next year.

Best part of program? small class concept, compulsory internship which let you prepare and gain experience for your post MBA career

Favorite class/professor/learning experience - why? Prof Roy Chua: Harvard teaching style

Is it difficult for foreign students to find jobs in Singapore? Slightly harder now as the market currently a bit slow down and government control for the employment pass number as well.

In your opinion, SMU provides the most opportunities for MBAs entering which industries/functions/geographies? SMU business school is quit famous in Singapore. I understand that those undergraduate having a slightly higher starting pay compare to others local Singapore university. Always can tap on those SMU alumni to gain some networking and hopefully will get some help.

What should more applicants know about SMU? Still consider a young program, hopefully when SMU MBA obtain the ranking, will attract more prospective students.

Feel free to ask me about…?

My Japaneses classmate wrote these articles, you can try to use Google translation.

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