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[Question of the Month - QOTM #1] Social Life


Inspired by @Huilynntan and @InseaderDavid’s posts, what is SOCIAL LIFE like at your school? How do you all relax (or do you…)? What do applicants need to know and prepare for?

Bonus points for sharing pictures :slight_smile:


Typically, there are 100+ students per batch, so it is easy to know everybody and to organise a social activity to interact more. Whenever we are free of studies and events we would do something to relax such as going out, do some sport, organise a trip (in small groups), dinners or chill in the lounge. Those moments were critical to know better each other and enjoy more the MBA experience. Prepare to be doing something all the time because there won’t be much of sleeping during the MBA :slight_smile:


Sunshine. Beaches. Clubs. Huge music festivals. World-class restaurants and wine… (Social) Life is good at IESE.

I’m not the most high-flying socialite as I’m married with two young children, but…

We have the Bar/Club of the Week, the Lounge of the Week, and the Partners and Families Club has the Cocktail of the Week. We run the MBA Spring Games when we play host to over 1,000 MBA students for three days of sports and three nights of parties. We have around 100 official clubs (from volleyball, football, sailing, and rock climbing, to photography, gastronomy, salsa dancing, and arts and culture). We have happy hours after classes, usually in partnership with the Social Action Club in support of a worthy non-profit.

There’s really something for everyone!


Thanks for sharing this Francisco! What are the drivers of social activities - student clubs? Is there a social chair like at top US schools? Or is it more of an organic process - like forming your own group of friends and hanging out? Were there any activities in particular that you found really useful in terms of knowing your classmates better?


As a married MBA student with kids, what’s your strategy to make the most of IESE social life and network while on campus? Curious to hear your thoughts here, I’m sure other married/family applicants will have similar time restraints.


After checking out the AMA Interview posts by @gleela_m17 about CEIBS clubs being so varied and sector-specific for business, @8driaan ´s small town experience at HEC Paris, and then @stefannytam ´s Madrid big city IE experience, I´d be super interested if you guys would share some specifics on what the social element is like on (or off, especially in the case of IE) those campuses? Is there a social chair or did you plug in through clubs/extracurriculars? Might be fun for new applicants :slight_smile: