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[QOTM #3] Entrepreneurship


Inspired by all the applicant questions we get about schools´ entrepreneurship programs or clubs: Ambassadors, what´s the scoop? Where can entrepreneurs plug in? What do you find your program offers to entrepreneurs? Applicants, you asked so you´ve probably been researching it. What did you find? Ask about it here!


Missed April by 2 days but… thoughts? :slight_smile: @8driaan @Eddy_Zakes @yuanlee_chung @Steve_Huber @danc @yolanda @Huilynntan @InseaderDavid @silvia_simoes @osamwel_m17 @benson_cohun @MelinaLoeven @gleela_m17 @Francisco

What have you found @nasiblii.ulvi @hando.ido @mckayeblack @nadiaputri @kwanyung.tang ?


At USC, there are definitely multiple places for Entrepreneurs to plug in. We have a club dedicated to Entrepreneurship (EVMA - Several of my classes this past year have been put on by our Entrepreneurship department (

For those looking to start something while at school, USC has an incubator tied to the Lloyd Greif center:

As for the student body, from conversations with my classmate, there definitely seems to be a vibe that many of us will be starting something on our own either just after graduation or within the next 5 years.


Lots of great resources on USC Incubate, thanks for sharing @Steve_Huber

Our own IESE Ambassador @Eddy_Zakes also actively posts his entrepreneurial MBA journey and resources on Twitter - def check out:

Here’s his breakdown after participating in Spain’s biggest startup event: