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Podcast ideas and unanswered questions


Do you have a great idea for a future podcast? Maybe you have a random question that doesn’t fit into another topic. I’ve got a few of my own…

  1. Now is the time of year when people start getting accepted to schools and making plans for next fall. What can prospective candidates or accepted students do over the next 9 months to prepare for business school?

  2. I just found the MBA World Summit ( and would love to hear an interview with one of the founders talking about what the program is and why they believe it’s important and valuable.

  3. Military candidates and veterans inherently have amazing leadership experiences, but transitioning out of the military and into the private sector can be challenging and sometimes intimidating. What lessons learned can we draw from previous success stories?

Just a few ideas and topics I’d like to discuss and hear feedback not only from the experts, but also from anyone who has any experience or good stories.


Great ideas Beau, thank you! Keep ‘em coming folks…

We’re open to any ideas that further the mission of the pod: to make Mba admissions and school selection more transparent.


As a current military officer, and graduate of the US Air Force Academy, I’d love to hear a podcast on military/veteran candidates. In my research thus far, there is so much conflicting information on this topic.


Hi John, this is an interesting idea - what questions (with conflicting information) would you want answered?


Thanks for replying, Darren!

For example, people that I serve with often say things such as “your GMAT score won’t matter since you’re in the military” or “your service record will give you a clear advantage over your peers” or that “your GPA at a service academy is worth much than your peers’ GPAs at civilian universities.”

These issues confuse me because some of these things don’t really seem right, but then again, I don’t really know what is true vs. what isn’t. I’m an avid listener to the podcast, and I’ve been reading around on the subject, but it’s still vague and ambiguous to me.


@john.diekel, I just recorded an episode with Alex Tuininga, who transitioned from military to MBA to management consultant, and we addressed your exact question. I hope you find it helpful!


I think you’re already at NYU but hope you saw Steve’s recommended supply list and how to prepare for your first semester!


Hey @darren, thanks for the reply and the new episode with Alex Tuininga. I started classes at NYU Stern in July and the rest of the full-time MBA program will join me here on campus in late August. Let me know if you need anything, or if you’re ever in New York and want to grab coffee or a beer.


I saw on IG that you’re organizing the Hamptons weekend… epic! Keep us posted.
(whenever I hear of the Hamptons I think of “The Hamptons 5” - how the Golden State Warriors got Kevin Durant to join)


Yeah, a lot of schools do a pre-mba trip, and I wanted to start a new tradition at Stern. We have 62 students coming and we’re kicking off the inaugural Stern Hamptons Weekend today! Check out for more info.