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Oxford Said MBA - Stuart Grondel 2017-18 (South Africa)


Name: Stuart Grondel
Nationality: South African
Pre-MBA Education: 2010 Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cape Town, South Africa
Work Before MBA: 6 years in FMCG (CPG). Completed my traineeship and various management roles in the packaging engineering department at a large AB InBev brewery in Johannesburg (South African Breweries, formerly SABMiller)
Work After MBA / Post MBA Goals: Executive supply chain management in FMCG…and/or other interesting opportunities that I unravel during my MBA!

Why did you pick Oxford? The city of Oxford’s incredible beauty notwithstanding, joining a business school tied to a university was very appealing to me. I wanted to get involved in university sports and cultural clubs to make my business school experience as holistic as possible. The collegiate system at Oxford makes for a relatively unique way of networking with undergraduates and graduates outside of business school.

Most excited for: The unparalleled emphasis Said puts on thinking BIG. Solving world scale problems sounds like a catch phrase, but after you go there and hear the staff and students talk about it you can’t help but get excited to have a big positive impact.

What should more applicants know about Said? The vast diversity of the class is not just a marketing gimmick (95%+ international students). It is truly beneficial. Masters students from the business school and the broader university speak about this as being something that adds significant value to their experience.

Feel free to ask me about…?
Why I chose Oxford Said
Why I chose a full time MBA
1-year vs 2-year MBA
My experience during the admissions journey
Networking Opportunities
Global exposure and international travel
Campus life and residences on campus
Student Associations and activities
Life in Oxford and the UK

More to come once I get started on the programme!

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