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Oxford MBA - Yolanda ‘14 (Singapore) - Ask Me Your Questions


Name: Yolanda Yang
Nationality: Singaporean
Education: Nanyang Technological University, B.Eng (Civil)
Before MBA (work): Hyflux Ltd (Project Manager) - Singapore
After MBA (work): PineBridge Investments (Institutional Sales) - London/Hong Kong

Why did you pick Oxford Said? Oxford is one of the top MBA program and it has a great reputation in Asia. Furthermore, it is a one year program.

Best part of program? It is a close community and a truly international program.

Most surprising part of program? It is not a program just educate the students to become business leader, but also encourage them to think big and tackle the world-scaled challengers.

Room for improvement? The course should be more flexible to cater for students with different background. The career service part can do a better job too.

Did you plan to work in the UK after? Was this difficult for foreigners? I didn’t plan to stay in UK but I managed to land an internship with a private equity firm in London doing renewable energy investments and then I joined PineBridge Investments in London for business development role.

How did most classmates find internships & jobs? Most of them found it through the internet and some found it through the career services/campus recruitment. A minority found it through networking.

What should more applicants know about Said? The access to wider Oxford network offers distinctive benefit for its MBA program.

Any last advice for applicants? For career changer, MBA will buy you a chance, but not a guaranteed win. Enjoy the MBA experience and make more friends!

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