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Other Schools You'd Like to Hear About


Hi everyone -

Darren has done an amazing job rounding up representatives from some of the top schools in Europe and Asia, but are there any others you would be keen to learn more about in this forum?

For example, I would love to hear from some of the US schools, particularly Texas and Columbia.



Thanks for starting this Taylor - I’ve reached out to students at both the schools you mentioned. Will keep you posted…


@t.ceithaml @twinn @Mathias

In addition to schools, what about the MBA experience would you like to learn about across b-schools? What’s still difficult to know about your target schools?

I’m thinking we can get Ambassadors from different schools to discuss, in writing or even a Google hangout.

Taylor, hope you don’t mind me expanding your topic to include this…


That’s a great addition Darren - thanks!

I’ve really loved being able to hear about the real b-school stories, particularly what did they wish they had known prior to applying and what, if anything, would they change. I think this leads to honest feedback about the schools that you can’t just find on the school websites or from a book.

Any personal stories are helpful too, like how easy was it to work with the career services teams, the internship/job recruiting process, living in the areas, social side of the program, etc.

A Google hangout could be cool, but I would hope for a little more participation first!


In case anyone has questions about the Texas or Columbia MBA experience…

Texas McCombs: UT Austin McCombs MBA - Lily Trieu '19 (USA)

Columbia GSB: Columbia MBA - Neethling McGrath '19 (USA)