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NYU Stern Full Time MBA - Beau Gresham '20 (USA)


Name: Beau Gresham
Nationality: American
Pre-MBA Education: University of South Florida, BA in Political Science
Pre-MBA Education: Webster University, MA in Leadership and Management
Work Before MBA: US Army Infantry Officer
Work After MBA / Post MBA Goals: Management Consulting

Why did you pick NYU Stern? I chose NYU Stern because the unbeatable location in New York City provides invaluable access to top company headquarters and the opportunity to grow and expand my network. Stern also has a world renowned faculty of professors, including three active Nobel Laureates.

What were you most surprised to learn about NYU Stern after starting the program? The entire Stern community is outgoing and not afraid to try something new. For instance, I organized the inaugural Stern Hamptons Weekend in the summer of 2018, and the school was completely supportive of the initiative.

Feel free to ask me about…? What it’s like for veterans to apply to business school and transition out of the military and onto a university campus, or general questions about living in New York City.


Meet NYU Stern’s MBA Class of 2020


Looks like the Hamptons weekend was a success - congrats!

Do the Full-time, Tech and Fashion/Luxury MBAs mix at the beginning of the program? I’m curious how you all interact.


@darren Great question! This the first year for the two 1-year programs (Tech and Fashion/Luxury), so it’s new to everyone. Those programs, each with about 30 students, started in May, and now they’re active in all of the regular clubs, happy hours and social events. Because the one year programs don’t include the traditional summer internship, they take advantage of our New York location to do in semester internships with big companies, and now they’re actively recruiting alongside the MBA 2’s for full time positions starting next summer.


Paul Romer, a professor of economics at NYU Stern, won the Nobel Prize in Economics on Monday (October 8)