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NUS MBA - Francisco '16 (Argentina) - Ask Me Your Questions



Name: Francisco Bonomi
Nationality: Argentina
Education: Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, Law
Before MBA (work): CFO, Tamic Shipping Agency
After MBA (work): TBD

Why did you pick NUS? I wanted to move to Singapore. When I started looking for universities here I liked a lot the character of NUS. It has a huge history here and it is very big. I has been growing steadily the past 20 years and I believe it will keep on growing. It has an academic excellence that is impressive. And also gives you the time you need to finish. If you need one year and a half to finish your studies while developing your networking you can do it. Is not easy to move to a different country or continent and takes time to get to know the place and the people. That’s why I think that having the opportunity to taylor the program to your end is amazing and you can do that while you are here, you can decide it on the run!

Best part of program? The exchange programs (developed in question #3). The internship opportunities, the networking, events and social life. NUS is very well connected and pushes you to know a los of different people and companies.

Favorite class/professor/learning experience - why? I liked Finance Management, the professor is first class level and made it very interesting. There are some modules quite innovative such as analytics were we learnt how to use different tools and softwares to solve real life problems. The Management Communication Camp we had when we started was very interesting as well, was helpful to understand business communication and practice, through role playing, how to interact in high pressure meetings for example. We spent an intense week in this camp.

Right now we are starting the Management Practicum. It consists in working in a real project for a company, we will be assigned a work and interact with the company. For example my group will have to analyze Singaporean market in order to decide if it is a place for a big european milk company to launch its products here. Not only that, but also we will develop and research the logistics, 4P, e-commerce and strategic partnerships. It is good a learning experience that will connect us with companies and give us more opportunities in the future.

What were you most surprised to learn about NUS after starting the program? How big and important it is. It is a symbol of Singapore. Once the program started, I was surprised about the different opportunities there are within the program. It is possible to taylor to your best benefit, meaning that you can do it in one year, one and a half or two. You can do a short and/or long exchange program in amazing universities such as LBS, NYU, Yale, Columbia, IESE, etc, also in universities in Israel, Japan, Australia, New Zealand for example. That makes the program even more interesting. There are study trips to visit companies in different countries.

Room for improvement? Some events are for BBAs and MBA, which means are not MBA focused. Sometimes the exams overlap a little bit.

Is it difficult for foreigner students to find jobs in Singapore? It is not easy, there are some constraints nowadays due to government policies but is far away of being impossible. It requires time and energy to find the right job but it’s possible.

In your opinion, NUS provides the most opportunities for MBAs entering which industries/functions/geographies? I think it is very strong in finance, technology and consulting. There are more opportunities of course but I see a lot of companies from these industries in our job portal. If you are interested in entrepreneurship you will find a good chance to develop your idea in the university lab that functions like an accelerator. Regarding the functions, I would say managers, senior analysts, project team leader, associates. NUS is focused in Singapore and many opportunities are here. Nevertheless, it is well known in all Asia and with student initiative shouldn’t be hard to find opportunities overseas. I am not very sure about opportunities in US and Europe because I haven’t look there much, but having an exchange program in those continents will definitely be helpful for that end.

What should more applicants know about NUS? NUS has the means to take you wherever you want to go, it is a big place full of opportunities, it is up to one to take advantage of them. It is strong academically and is well connected in Asia. Different programs give you the chance to expand the journey through international experiences.

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Francisco! Did you end up staying in Singapore after graduation?