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Nanyang MBA - Melina ‘16 (Germany) - Ask Me Your Questions


Name: Laura Melina Loeven
Nationality: German
Education: BA in Business Administration (focus on International Management)
Before MBA (work): Sourcing Manager at BayerHealth Care AG (Pharmaceutical industry)
After MBA (work): TBD

Why did you pick the Nanyang MBA? Nanyang offers a compact and intense program that can be completed within 10 months. Thus, the school´s schedule allows me to return to the workforce quickly. Also, the location in Singapore as a rapidly developing hub for international trading is quite exciting for young professionals.

Best part of program so far? Business Study Mission to Tokyo, Japan – 5 days of very educational and inspirational visits to Japanese companies that allowed me to get insights into Japanese business culture as well as the people´s way of living.

Most surprising part of program so far? I learnt how much one can accomplish in just one day – and how little sleep I actually need!

Room for improvement? The program provides little room to breath so that it is best to come prepared and be ready to put in a lot of time and lifeblood. Also, make sure to make all necessary arangemens in terms of logistics and administrative issues prior to arriving in Singapore – you will not have time for this once you start the program.

Do you plan to work in Singapore after? Is it difficult? So far I do not plan to work in Singapore but wish to return to Europe. However, I have heard that it might be challenging for foreigners to find employment if they do not have any exceptional qualifications.

How do most classmates find jobs - career services/alumni/other? All of the mentioned, plus LinkedIn headhunting or unsolicited applications.

What should more applicants know about Nanyang / Singapore business schools? They should get a feel for campus living and the thrill of working with so many different nationalities towards one common goal – learning new theories and models, development of self and sharpening of business leadership skills.

Any advice for applicants? Be prepared for the most stressful, most rewarding and most fun experience of your life!

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