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Michigan Ross MBA - Sabaina Kamara '19 (USA)


Name: Sabaina Kamara
Nationality: USA, African American
Pre-MBA Education: University of Maryland, College Park
Work Before MBA: Human Resources Analyst for a top management and employment law firm in Washington, DC. By way of our HR consulting affiliate, WorkPlace HR, I lead our effort to develop compliance plans for federal contractors and advise them on diversity related issues such as affirmative action and equal employment opportunity compliance.
Work After MBA / Post MBA Goals: Strategy Consulting

Why did you pick Ross? I picked Ross because of its highly collaborative community and culture of inclusion. As a person who is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion, it was important to join a community that not only has a strong track record for developing socially responsible and collaborative leaders, but also values the same principles as I with regard to diversity. Ross has the highest number of Consortium members and alumni out of all 18 Consortium Schools and continues to put diversity at the forefront of its mission. Additionally, each interaction I had with Rossers, from admissions to students and alumni, was effortless. It was easy to see how the culture of collaboration permeates at each level of the community.

Since I recently joined the Ross community, you can ask me about my transition from the East Coast to the Midwest; MTrek; and my recruiting process, which culminated in my earning 2 full tuition scholarships (1 from Ross, 1 from Darden) and approx. 77% funding from Fuqua.

Let’s go!

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Awesome interview - how have you found the transition geographically? One thing in particular I wonder is how universal is the alumni network? I know you haven’t graduated yet but maybe just seeing a lot of treks out west or anything?

Most of the companies I want to work for post-MBA are located in California (or elsewhere in the world such as London, Hong Kong, etc.) and one fear I have with Michigan is how strong are those ties or is that network/name outside of the midwest.


Hi Cam!

I understand your hesitation, however the Ross network is global so fear no more! If you look on the website, you’ll find that geographically, several Rossers are employed nationally and globally. But the important point to note is that by joining Ross, you are also joining the University of Michigan network, which again, is GLOBAL. I have peers who have also been admitted to Ross and traveled to Asia, and have been stopped in the street by a bystander simply because they had on a University of Michigan shirt. I can also attest to this as I have been approached 4 times: 3 times in Atlanta and once in D.C. by alums and affiliates of the University simply because I had my Michigan|Ross t-shirt on. We call these moments “Go Blue moments”, as they happen when one person yells “Go Blue” to another person, who in turn responds “Go Blue”, simply because the latter has on University of Michigan apparel. It’s a very special moment that speaks to the idea that being a member of the University of Michigan network truly enables to go “anywhere”.

I encourage you to reach out to more students and alums to learn more about the Ross network. If there’s anything specific you would like to discuss as far as your personal goals go, please let me know and I will do my best to connect you with someone who can provide insight.

Go Blue!!


I have to embarrass Sabaina here… thank you for guest hosting!
(it’s also a great summary of what to expect in Year 1 of your US MBA)