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McGill Desautels MBA - Anna Trusen '19 (Germany)


Name: Anna Trusen
Nationality: German
Pre-MBA Education: Bachelor of Arts in Hotel and Tourism Management - joint program by César Ritz Colleges Switzerland and Washington State University
Work Before MBA: 4 years in the Hotels industry working for one of the biggest hotel chains. I worked in roles in operations as well as Revenue Management. My last role was as a Cluster Revenue Analyst for 7 hotels.
Work After MBA / Post MBA Goals: Working in a new field, maybe in a Sales and Marketing role. My goals are still quite flexible :blush:

Best part of program? The admissions staff is amazing. I have frequently heard a school describe it’s community as a family, but with McGill Desautels I have really felt it first hand even before setting a foot on campus or even confirming my spot! The admissions teams placed me in contact with other applicants from the same country, which was incredibly helpful during the admissions process. All interactions with my future class mates showed me that the family spirit is already starting to be developed amongst us.

Is it difficult for foreign students to find jobs in Montreal? I have not yet undergone the process myself, but I have heard that is is quite common for MBA graduates to obtain a 2-3 year working Visa for Canada.

What should more applicants know about McGill? McGill has an excellent reputation and is certainly one of Canada’s best universities. It has a very small class size, only about 70 students per intake, which is very beneficial. One interesting piece of information is that the school is investing a lot to improve student’s experiences even further. For example a new building for the MBA students will be opened in Winter 2018.

Feel free to ask me about…? (here you can list what you are willing to discuss)

Why I chose McGill Desautels MBA program
Why I chose a fulltime MBA program
Why I chose a 2-year program
Funding / scholarships
My experience during the admissions journey
Life in Montreal and Canada
Moving to Canada

I’ll update this list as soon as I have started the program, so please feel free to check back frequently.

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