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London Business School MBA - Taylor Ceithaml '19 (USA)


Name: Taylor Ceithaml
Nationality: American
Pre-MBA Education: BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Southern California
Work Before MBA: 4.5 years as an Industrial Engineer for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, responsible for the operational efficiency of theme parks’ rides and entertainment.
Work After MBA / Post MBA Goals: Strategy/Business Development within the tourism industry

Why did you pick LBS?

  1. Location: Wanting to continue working in the tourism industry, it was very important for me to have access to a large city for networking, internships, and company visits/meetings during the school year. Being in London, one of the top tourist destinations in the world with tour companies, tons of restaurants and hotels, airlines, etc easily fits this. London is also an AMAZING city to spend two years.

  2. Global Experience: For my MBA, I was really looking to work/live outside of the US to get a new perspective and experience. Already, I have met with future classmates from all over the world (we have a WhatsApp group that is pinging 24/7 with all the different time zones!), am planning fun weekend trips with classmates to Oktoberfest, surf in Portugal, and ski in the Swiss Alps later this year, and am looking forward to the global coursework offered. In particular, LBS has multiple popular Global Business Experiences where you learn about a specific topic/region for a term and then visit with your class, going on company visits and learning first-hand about working in that industry (e.g. a technology trip to Silicon Valley, small family businesses in South Africa, etc).

  3. Coursework Flexibility: You can take anywhere from 15-21 months to complete your degree, although most seem to stay for 21 months to get the most out of the program (summer internship, full electives, and all the fun!). There are also over 70 electives offered and you can take up to 12 of them, all your choice, so you can really tailor your degree to you. I plan on picking and choosing my classes from the Strategy, Marketing, and Organisational Behaviour sections for a diverse experience.

Most excited for: Meeting all my classmates! These are some of the best and brightest from all over the world, and everyone so far has been so helpful, collaborative, and social. We have a WhatsApp group, Facebook group, Slack group, you name it - all for organizing meet-ups pre-term and helping each other figure out visas, finances, pre-term course work, etc. There have already been some great/heated debates and discussions about politics, Brexit’s impact on the economy, the best pubs in London, and veganism that lead me to believe the courses with these folks will be lively and I will definitely learn a lot!

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