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ISB - Indian School of Business - Aritra Sengupta - India - AMA


Name: Aritra Sengupta
Nationality: Indian
Pre-MBA Education: Computer Science Engineer
Work Before MBA: QualityAssurance/Automation/IT Sector
Work After MBA / Post MBA Goals: To join a FinTech startup as a Project Manager

Why did you pick ISB? Best in the country. One of the Best ROIs. Alumni network. Associated with other Top schools in the world. Overall FT Ranking.

Best part of program? The superstar peers/professors; Infrastructure

Favorite class/professor/learning experience - why? My first term is still on going.
Professor - Associate School - Subject
Bob Stine - Wharton - Statistics
Partha MohanRam - Rotman - Accounts
Mary Lea McAnally - Mays - Accounts
Siddharth S Singh - ISB - Marketing

What were you most surprised to learn about ISB after starting the program? The understated intensity of the curriculum

Not so best part of the program? Lack of Seniors on Campus

Is it difficult for foreign students to find jobs in India? Campus Placements! Very few countries offer this. So not at all.

What should more applicants know about ISB? Getting in is the easy part :slight_smile:

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My experience during the admissions journey
Professors and Classes
Networking Opportunities
Career Services
Global exposure and international travel
Campus life and residences on campus
Student Associations and activities

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Aritra, thanks for posting here. While ISB is very well-regarded in India, it’s less well-know to international applicants (at least right now). Could you tell us more about your international classmates - what percentage of the class is from outside India and why have they chosen ISB for their MBA? What do you think they are planning to do post MBA? Also, could you tell us more about your superstar peers… what do you mean and how this could benefit applicants from outside India?