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INSEAD MBA - Massine Bouzerar '19J (Canada)


Name: Massine Bouzerar
Nationality: Canadian/Algerian
Pre-MBA Education: Brock University, Bachelor’s in Business Administration
Work Before MBA: Product Management in Telecommunications/eCommerce
Work After MBA / Post MBA Goals: Consulting / International Development

Hi! I have been accepted to INSEAD this past November after applying in round 1. I’ve answered a few questions below, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to know more about my journey!

Why did you pick INSEAD?

  1. Global student body–I want to have an international career and I am looking forward to everything I’ll learn from my peers
  2. France/Singapore/Abu Dhabi campuses–I want to experience living in Europe & Asia while in school and get early exposure to both markets
  3. Three language requirement–I think it’s pretty amazing to think that all my classmates will be at least trilingual
  4. Incredible reputation & highly ranked

What schools did you apply to? I only applied to INSEAD. I’ve wanted to apply for a few years and it was a no-brainer to prioritize this school for round 1. LBS and Cambridge Judge would have been my back-up schools if I didn’t get in and I would have applied in January. Ultimately, I could only apply to one school given how little time I had to write the GMAT and turn around an application. If you’ve looked into the INSEAD application process, it is INTENSE. There are a lot of essays to write and you also have to prepare for video interviews right after you submit your online application.

What would you have done differently during the application process? I would have written the GMAT a long time ago. I was cutting it close writing my GMAT 3 weeks before the round 1 deadline and it was an incredibly stressful time.

In your opinion, INSEAD provides the most opportunities for MBAs entering which industries/functions/geographies? From what I’ve heard, INSEAD is a big consulting school and you see it in their employment report. That being said, a good number of students also go into finance, tech and other industries. Geographically, most graduate work in Europe and Asia. I’ve heard it’s difficult to work in the US post-INSEAD unless you have an American passport or a Green Card.

What should more applicants know about INSEAD? International motivation seems to be the commonality among INSEAD students. They’ve lived/worked in multiple countries, speak several languages and/or hold multiple passports. If you’re thinking of applying, make sure you focus on our international experiences and what you’ve learned from them.

Feel free to ask me about…?
Why I chose INSEAD
My experience during the admissions journey

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. You can also contact me via LinkedIn if you wish:


Massine on the pod! :slight_smile:
We break down his application strategy…




Just wanted to share Massine’s recent blog post…

Massine: “For National Coming Out Day, I decided to share my experience so far at INSEAD as an LGBTQ+ student. Deciding whether or not to be out during your MBA (or even at work) is a tough decision many people make, but I hope my post gives you some compelling reasons why you should bring your whole self to school and work. Check out my full post on the INSEAD MBA Experience Blog”


Hi Massine

I am an applicant from India, about to apply to Round 2 in November. I went through your podcast on youtube and realized that my future goals are eerily similar to yours. I have summarized it in one line in my essay as “Driving Change Through Technology”. I needed to ask some more questions to you. Will this be the right place to discuss it or would you want to start an email thread.

Hope that you see this in time and we can connect.
Also, the podcast was extremely useful for me. Thanks a ton to you and Darren for the efforts!


Hi Devrat,

I’m sorry, you caught me at a bad time—I was in the middle of exams and then we had a class trip in between periods.

Happy to help if I still can, either on this thread or via email, whichever you prefer.