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Immigration & Visa Policies for MBAs in Europe


One way I think this forum could be useful to applicants is to ask questions across schools & countries.

To get things started, what is the visa policy for international students in your host country post-graduation? @stefannytam @silvia_simoes @ksying66 @Eddy_Zakes @yolanda @8driaan

For example, one of our Asian Ambassadors, Yuan Lee HKUST MBA '15, mentioned on an upcoming podcast that MBA graduates in Hong Kong get up to 12-months after graduation to find employment in Hong Kong through an IANG visa. The visa can be used in place of an employment pass and can also be extended.


Hello @darren!

In Switzerland it will depend very much on your nationality, but as a rule there is no additional visa time after the MBA. However, a very big part of the Swiss work force is from other countries and companies are used to managing the visa processes for their hires.


An interesting FT article i came across today on precisely this topic:


It’s already difficult (and nerve-racking) to get an H1B visa in the US. Let’s see if the Trump administration moves towards decreasing the number of H1Bs awarded each year. I just did a podcast with Emma Fisher, a Canadian who attended NYU Stern, about what international applicants need to know about US visas.

Business schools in places like Canada, Germany, and Hong Kong should benefit as their immigration policies for MBAs are much more friendly…

Please keep us updated on what you see and hear!


Hi Darren,

I just listened to @yuanlee_chung’s podcast and it was definitely an interesting question. I can’t speak for the rest of Europe but for SDA Bocconi, they know that students generally have a hard time finding jobs immediately after the MBA, so as part of the visa renewal process, the school extends the course duration up to 6 months after graduation. This gives the student the ability to stay and seek for a job.

However, if you consider that most passports are allowed in Italy for up to 90 days, there have been alumni who have returned home or exited the schengen area and re-entered for 90 days to complete interviews and recruitment process. Generally, if you are a candidate they really like, they don’t have any issues applying for a working visa for you.

I hope this helps someone.