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IE Business School MBA - Stefanny Tam '16 (Indonesia)


Name: Stefanny Tam
Nationality: Indonesia
Pre-MBA Education: Accounting & International Business - University of British Columbia, Canada
Work Before MBA: Transaction Advisory Service - Ernst & Young
Post MBA Goals: Finance / management consulting

Why did you pick IE? I valued the diversity that IE has in addition to its condensed 1 year program. There are over 60 different nationalities of the 250 students in one intake. Last but not least, IE rank top worldwide and especially among European business school.

Best part of program? One of IE’s competitive advantage is its focus on entrepreneurship. IE has entrepreneur focus courses from the beginning of the program until the last term. During the course, we will have a chance to actually bring our idea to reality and pitch to real investors. Many of IE-born start-ups have successfully received funding.

What were you most surprised to learn about IE after starting the program?
I was surprised by the comprehensiveness of the program. There are many ways to learn, lots of resources and endless learning in the program. Professors are also very approachable when we have questions or simply to discuss our opinion
following up what was discussed in class.

Is it difficult for foreigner students to find jobs in Spain? Most companies in Spain require fluent Spanish. While IE provides Spanish classes as part of their pre-program and also during the program, it might not occupy you with the level required to work in a Spanish speaking environment. Visa is also another consideration.

What should more applicants know about IE? Madrid is an amazing city. Not only that it is beautiful, but also it is very accessible. Moreover, IE is located at the heart of the city with many restaurants and bars around. We can easily grab tapas and wine after a long day of studying. What a treat! Although there is no on-campus residential, IE is surrounded by many residential apartments. Most students live within 15 minutes walking distance to school.

What should applicants know about IE? IE’s motto, IMBA out of the ordinary, holds true. We are not typical traditional business school who follow curriculum from year to year. Everyone here appreciates new ideas, respect changes and always look for improvements. If you are working on your application, make sure to emphasize how you have brought ideas into reality in the past.

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