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IE Business School - Elizabeth Freele '17 (Canada)


Name: Elizabeth Freele
Nationality: Canadian, Belgian
Pre-MBA Education: BA Political Science & Global Development, University of Western Ontario, Canada
Work Before MBA: Corporate Social Responsibility, Mining & Metals, Canada & West Africa
Work After MBA / Post MBA Goals: Sustainability & CSR, Commodities

Why did you pick IE Business School? I was drawn to the idea of an MBA experience “out of the ordinary”, a program as “unconventional” as me, wherein I would be immersed in as diverse and international a group of people as possible, to maximize unexpected mutual learning with program peers and to grow a new, exciting network of people from different industries and geographies. I also wanted a 1-year condensed program which was still triple accredited, and wherein I would have the flexibility to customize a large proportion of my academics. My research proved IE to be unparalleled on these points.

Best part of program? 60% is totally customizable to your interests and goals; upon completion of the core period, the next 7 months are in your hands. You first choose between 3 hands-on “lab” periods (social impact, business impact & start-up) or an internship, next you create your electives term from over 100 electives on offer, and lastly a final project which can be self-defined (thesis, impact project with real company, your start up etc.).

Favorite class/professor/learning experience - why?
A class called “Business, Government & Society” - because it seeks to foster greater awareness of, and tools to navigate, non-market factors that are critical to management and to doing business, truly essential “soft” skills that you don’t get in a standard curriculum MBA course!

What were you most surprised to learn about IE Business School after starting the program?
These guys are really serious about encouraging you to discover your inner entrepreneur!

Not so best part of program? I wish there was more academic content on sustainability and social impact.

Is it difficult for foreign students to find jobs in Spain? The hard part isn’t finding the job, the hard part is getting a work visa if you are a non-EU citizen, as many employers don’t want to go through the extra work of sponsoring someone when there is a plentiful labour pool that already has authorization to work here.

In your opinion, IE Business School provides the most opportunities for MBAs entering which industries/functions/geographies?
Entrepreneurship, Europe and Latin America

What should more applicants know about IE Business School?

  1. The diversity (both geographic and industries) truly is amazing! It really is an “MBA out of the ordinary”, there’s room for every kind of quirky and bringing such different people together produces awesome outcomes.
  2. The alumni network is great; very helpful career wise and also supportive and giving with their time for extracurricular club events
  3. You will travel, A LOT!

Feel free to ask me about…?
Why I chose IE Business School
My experience during the admissions journey
Professors and Classes
Career Services
Global exposure and international travel
Campus Life, Clubs and other non-academic activities
Life in Spain
Anything else related to IE!

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