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Fisher MBA - The Ohio State University - Hanh Huynh '18


Name: Hanh Huynh
Nationality: Vietnam
Pre-MBA Education: Foreign Trade University – International Business
Work Before MBA: Brand Management - Unilever
Work After MBA / Post MBA Goals: general management career

Why Fisher?
I have the background in marketing in fast moving consumer good industry with Unilever, in which I had the chance to work with brands and people as the early step for general management career. I would like to pursue MBA degree at this stage of professional and personal development to round up myself with general business knowledge to prepare for the career in general management ultimately. Fisher MBA is well-known for operations and finance which are the areas I would like to learn more about.
Moreover, I really enjoy being in small classroom where everyone knows each other, challenge and support each other. The interactive experience and collaborative competitiveness are the highlights at Fisher.

Best part of program?
Great core team: At the beginning or the program, we were divided core team of 4 -5 members with different expertise, each of core team is the best representative of Fisher program. During our 1st year, we spent a lot of time working with each other in every class. I personally very enjoy working as well as hanging out with my teammates, and feel very lucky to have competent members who work hard and play hard. Definitely having such great core team would be the highlight of my MBA. Without the interaction from sharing, listening, pushing, support and even small talks, we wouldn’t have gone so far so fun together. After the first semester, we also form different team in elective class so there are plenty of chances to work with different people in our program, and working professional full-time program, but I believe that my core team is the best team so far!

Our core team in very first day of pre-term session Trent, me, Joe, Alan. We won the 1st prize at Fisher Challenge – mini case competition after having the “amazing race” across the campus.

Global Applied Project: Fisher is among few school in the US that offer the unique experience only for 1st year MBA student. GAP, by designed includes 7 weeks working in the US supported by the guidance of consulting expert and 3 weeks working in country, is the MBA consulting project for both for-profit and non-profit clients across the continents. This year 2017, Fisher sent 7 teams to China, Brazil, Mexico, Europe, and Tanzania. I got the great chance to be in GAP Tanzania team with 6 members to work on a project with Global Water Institute about business model research on food processing and solar power as a meaningful way to increase the income level in country. It was the challenge for us as we had much flexibility and freedom to decide the travel plan in Tanzania, but it turned out to be great journey when we met and talk to many local people and expats in the fields, traveled to several areas from Arusha, Simanjiro, Singida, Dodoma, Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam by local taxi, bus, bajaj (small and cool version of taxi), dala dala (another version of medium public transportation)…, saw 4 out the Big Five in Ngorogoro Crater safari, had a boat tour on Zanzibar island, and of course experience local life. Coming back from the beautiful and proud country after 3 weeks, we all feel grateful about the learning experience we’ve got, the warm welcome from people there, and the connection we made. GAP is an experience that you never know until you try it!

Our team arrived at Kilimanjaro airport 6thMay’17

Cheering O-H-I-O with the villagers of Orkesumet - Simanjiro - Tanzania

Visiting YAZA sunflower oil processor in Singida region

Bajaj in Singida bus station

Meeting with Mobisol team - top 3 solar power providers for household level

Football: Outside of classroom, Ohio State is very well-known for football (US football which is different from soccer), a typical US culture. Coming for a tailgate (pre-party before each of football game), getting a ticket(s) to the Ohio State Stadium (top 3 biggest stadium in the US), watching the game with my classmates who are the cool experts in explaining what’s happening on the field, and cheering O-H-I-O in the red and gray tees (the traditional colors of the Ohio State) are absolutely the great fun and interesting cultural emersion. Go Bucks!!!

Ohio State stadium

To the game…

Favorite class/professor/learning experience - why?
Strategy class with prof. Jay Dial. Definitely this is my favorite class at Fisher, where we study different industries and tailored strategies, including success and failure, and use the frameworks to analyze and discuss the way forward. Prof. Dial is the great instructor who bring out the best learning experience after each and every single class session.
Prof. Tony Rucci - My favorite professor at Fisher. He has great charisma and the amazing personality with incredible sincerity and respect. I took his class on leadership, and plan to take all of his classes in my 2nd year.
Fisher Board Fellow with BalletMet- an 40 year-old organization that promote dancing and creation work in Columbus. Fisher Board Fellow is the student club at Fisher who matches MBA students with best fit NGOs in Columbus in their 1st year and prepares them to work as non-voting board member of those respective NGOs in their 2nd year. After all selection process, I’m very excited about the chance of working with BalletMet board members, who have been consistently working on the harmony between art and business, as the way to give back to Columbus community where I’m currently living in.

Not so best part of program?
Fisher has the office of career management (OCM) to support students in finding jobs. Still, international students have a lot of challenges when looking for internship or jobs in the US through school network as OCM would be more helpful in resume review, mock interview. In order to know where to apply or who will offer H1B visa sponsorship, students should be very proactive in networking and reaching out to alumni and maximizing their personal network.

In your opinion, Fisher provides the most opportunities for MBAs entering which industries/functions/geographies?
Operation/ Logistics is the most sought-after function at Fisher for recruiters, following by Marketing, and Finance.

What should more applicants know about picking a school?
Make the informational decision before picking up the program as you will spend 2 precious years of life time. If possible, for international students, you should come to the US and take a campus tour in which you can visit campus, talk to current students, meet with alumni, attend classes and have lunch with students.

Feel free to ask me about…
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Life in Columbus- Ohio

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Hanh just opened an art gallery in Saigon - AZ Gallery - to showcase young vietnamese artists and to grow the art community in Vietnam. I am not a collector but what talent! Excited for her and her team! Luckily I got an invite :slight_smile: