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ESMT Berlin - European School of Management and Technology - Yuri '17


Name: Yuri Yevsihin
Nationality: Austrian/Israeli/Russian
Pre-MBA Education: Int. Banking and Finance/Int. Business Administration and E-Commerce
Work Before MBA: Private Banking
Work After MBA / Post MBA Goals: Industry change
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The focus of this forum is to share hard-earned student insights. Could you share a bit more of your experience? This way applicants can ask better questions.

The questions are there to guide you but please share whatever you wish. This is YOUR page.

**Why did you pick ESMT? Top value for money (FT), 1 year, perhaps the best business school in Austria/Germany/Switzerland. Got an advise from a friend who graduated and found a great job afterwards.

Best part of program? Small classes, great teachers, no “mass production” feeling as compared to other schools.

Favorite class/professor/learning experience - why? Managerial Decision Making, Corporate Finance, Corporate Social Responsibility - high level of professors and their teaching techniques.

What were you most surprised to learn about ESMT after starting the program? Very family-like feeling inside of the school, open door policy.

Not so best part of the program? Very intense with little breaks in between. Due to the school’s size career services might be somewhat more proactive.

Is it difficult for foreign students to find jobs in Germany? German language is an issue, but with some hard work and determination you can find international positions with average/low German as well.

In your opinion, ESMT provides the most opportunities for MBAs entering which industries/functions/geographies? Having a technical background (engineering etc.) is a good starting point to have MBA on top of it - just because current economy needs this kind of people. Finance/Bus.Admin people like me still benefit a lot from a cross-industrial competence and exposure to new fields. The US/EU and Asia regions would most definitely want ESMT’s graduates.

What should more applicants know about ESMT? As said before - unique opportunity to make MBA in less than 1 year, value for money, living in one of the most important cities in the EU, diverse cultural and historical component, low cost of living compared to other MBA schools, great professors.

Feel free to ask me about…? (here you can list what you are willing to discuss)
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My experience during the admissions journey
Professors and Classes
Company Visits
Networking Opportunities
Career Services
Global exposure and international travel
Campus life and residences on campus
Student Associations and activities

This is your page so please add whatever you like. Media (pics, vids, links) helps make the experience more real…