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CUHK MBA - Benson ‘15 (Philippines/Singapore) - Ask Me Your Questions


Name: Benson Cohun
Nationality: Singaporean
Education: De La Salle University, B.Sc. Computer Science (Information Technology)
Before MBA (work): Bank of America (IT Project Manager) - Singapore
After MBA (work): JP Morgan Chase & Co. (Human Resources Change & Process Manager) - Hong Kong

Why did you pick CUHK? I chose CUHK because of its location and its concentration on the entrepreneurship and expertise in the Chinese market.

Best part of program? My batchmates!

Most surprising part of program? The diversity of my batch. I came in thinking it would be dominantly classmates from the mainland and although they were still the majority, my class was diverse and had people coming from all across the globe.

Room for improvement? Classroom participation and recognition of that participation. The syllabus claims class participation to be a major factor but we end up a lot of times with the teacher answering the question he/she raised. The alumni database and interaction can also be improved especially for non-local alumnis.

Did you plan to work in HK after? Was it difficult? Yes, that was one of the reasons I chose the school. Language was a difficulty but not necessarily something that should stop people from coming to Hong Kong. It was by far one of the most international cities I have ever

How do most classmates find jobs - career services/alumni/other? Most of them found it through the job websites and some found it through the career services. A minority found it through networks made throughout the program.

What should more applicants know about CUHK / HK business schools? The main reason of coming to Hong Kong is to be able to expose yourself to the Asian economy especially China. For the international students, they should taper expectations of Hong Kong especially the language and the culture. Even if it is considered an international city, it is still Asian and cultures and behaviors will still exist.

Any last advice for applicants? MBA is an experience that is hopefully once in a lifetime. Enjoy the friends you make and the experience you get.

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