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Columbia MBA - Neethling McGrath '19 (USA)


Name: Neethling McGrath
Nationality: South African
Pre-MBA Education: BEng & MPhil
Work Before MBA: Management Consulting and briefly Private Equity
Work After MBA / Post MBA Goals: Private Equity/Consulting

Why did you pick CBS? I mainly choose CBS for its Media Faculty expertise and the Value Investing programme.

What I am most excited about? Experiencing New York City and the people, culture etc. I have never lived outside of South Africa, so I am very anxious and excited about that.

What I am least excited about? Probably leaving South Africa and all my friends and family! Also, I do not know if I am ready for the cold. I am from Africa after all!

I will keep adding points as school actually starts and I have a bit more to contribute. CBS has a world tour that runs for a couple of months before class starts. I just attended the South African leg, and here is some proof of the fun times:

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Boom! Neethling’s in the house. :slight_smile: That’s him with the RED hat.

How does this world tour work - does it pass through 5 countries? 10?

Also, we discuss Neethling’s application journey (and tips) here:



There is actually a pretty cool website that explains a bit of the tour and includes the schedule!

The tour started in May and concludes with Hamptons Week right before class starts!


If I don’t get accepted to Columbia, I’m starting a Pre-MBA World Tour wherever I go! One of the many awesome things that sets Columbia apart.


I didn’t have time for an entire trip around the world, but I organized an epic weekend with my fellow Sternies out in the Hamptons.


Hi Neethling! I wanted to ask what kind of resources are available to students looking to join a rotational program at larger technology firm?