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ASU WP Carey MBA - Remund Labios '19 (Philippines)


Name: Remund Labios
Nationality: Filipino
Pre-MBA Education: BS Electrical Engineering (Univ. of the Philippines Los Baños); MS Electrical and Information Engineering (Seoul Nat’l Univ. of Sci. & Tech.)
Work Before MBA: Researcher on energy storage applications in power grids
Work After MBA / Post MBA Goals: Business development in Clean Tech and related areas

Why did you pick WP Carey?

  1. The motivations behind WP Carey’s Forward Focus Scholarship program, which provides full scholarships to all its incoming students, align well with my personal beliefs regarding expansive access to high-calibre education.

  2. Since I have decided to dedicate my career to Clean Tech, which faces a combination of technical challenges and political opposition, I knew that I had to be surrounded by people driven to change the status quo regardless of industry. This is where WP Carey stood out for me.

  3. The small class size was highly appealing. And adding the variety of industrial backgrounds, geographical origins, and personal stories of the student body gave me this impression that the class was truly “diversity-dense.”

  4. Tempe’s weather, Phoenix’s growing startup community, and Arizona’s beautiful and expansive landscapes are nothing like what I have experienced before.

Feel free to ask me about…

  • My experience during the admissions journey.
  • Life in Seoul, South Korea or in the Philippines.
  • New energy technologies and the evolving energy industry.

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