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Applying for Fall 2018 intake? Introduce Yourself Here


Hi everyone!

@t.ceithaml Taylor started a great thread last year and I think we should follow suit for those targeting the Fall 2018 intake. Look forward to hear about everyone’s stories :slight_smile:

Name and brief background (personal, educational, and professional):
I was born and raised in Venezuela. Graduated with a BSc in Environmental Science (with a focus on Environmental Management) from the University of Southampton, UK. I recently left Red Peak, an international marketing & branding agency to start my own creative agency with two other partners.

General Post-MBA Goal:
Transition to the renewable energy sector or green tech; most likely doing marketing, business development or consultancy work.

Schools Applying To/Looking into:
USA: Kellog, Sloan, Haas

Fun Fact:
Recently published my first book ever, whilst working for my previous employer. It was about Acer Inc’s brand and company history.



Thanks Sarah for re-starting the thread. I am considering applying for fall 2018 enrollment as well. Below is a brief overview about me.

Name and brief background (personal, educational, and professional):
I was born and raised in Vietnam, up until college. I went to a liberal arts college in Northeast US. After college, I worked in investment banking for 2 years and currently work in private equity.

General Post-MBA Goal:
Return to private equity with a more senior position and run deals. I really like my current work.

Schools Applying To/Looking into:
I only applied to schools in US: HBS, Stanford, Wharton, CBS, Booth, Sloan

Surprising Thing about Me:
I have run a half marathon without training before.


This thread does seem to be pretty quiet :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha
Good luck with your apps Giang! Let’s connect :slight_smile:


Hi Giang & Sarah, Tolu here.

I am also considering applying for 2018 (not necessarily fall, schools in Canada start earlier than fall).

Name and brief background (personal, educational, and professional):
I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria till university. I studied Communications Engineering at Carleton University in Canada. I work as Software consultant and wildcard employee at an E-Commerce solutions company for just under 3 years now. [Wildcard employee because I’m usually the go to guy for exploring unique opportunities like trying out new software solutions, brand ambassador etc.]

General Post-MBA Goal:
Short term: Work in Technology or Sports industry as Product/Brand manager figuring out marketing strategies, business design and creating value for customers.
Long term: Education, Entrepreneurship.

Schools Applying To/Looking into:
Europe: IE
USA: Anderson, Foster, Fuqua
Canada: Queen’s, Ivey, Rotman.

Surprising Thing(s) about Me:
Sorry, I couldn’t come up with just one, I dropped quite a number already

I immigrated alone when I was 16, adulting has been quite the journey.
I make it a goal to try something beyond my comfort zone every year.
- Last year, it was skydiving. This year, publish my first book.
I’ve already failed at 3 ideas I thought would make good companies (part of why I need the education).
I was a radio presenter a couple of summer months in between school(best internship ever), I’ve also tried modeling/acting professionally; agent, auditions, that sort of thing (quite the experience. No, it was not really fun).
I write as often as I can; blogs, poems, books, articles, short stories, fan fiction, ads, scripts(I’ve written a full theatre play, it lasted 3 hours). If it can be written, I will try it sooner or later.
I’m really good at fantasy soccer (the English Premier League version).
Like, my friends don’t like to compete with me any longer, 90th percentile in the world (over 4 million people worldwide play annually) the last 3 years in a row kind of good.
I get the feeling I was born to teach and stimulate personal development in young adults but my biggest mental obstacle is that I worry I am too young & don’t know enough to do so.


This is awesome. Looks like our careers and interests have overlapped quite a bit except for the software part hehe Good luck with your apps!

I have a friend who studied in Fuqua if you’d like to get more insights. I also had the privilege to Skype with the director of the IE Singapore office few months back if you’d like some insights on that school. Keep in touch!



Yes, thank you! Good luck with your apps as well.

Please, I’d be more than happy to connect with your friend from Fuqua if you wouldn’t mind.
Let’s connect as well. :grinning:


Name and brief background (personal, educational, and professional):
I graduated with an Economics degree from UC Irvine and promptly never used it. I spent a year slaving away in the insurance industry before following my passion in technology. I started as a web dev in a boutique consulting firm before moving onto Hewlett-Packard as a Technology Consultant specializing in mobile device management. I was relocated and currently work on-site for major oil and gas companies in Houston, Texas.

General Post-MBA Goal:
I would like to accelerate my career in technology consulting. I’ve always been more on the tech side but I want to branch out into project management consulting, and/or possibly strategy or product management. It’s also important for me to settle down in California, either northern or southern. I have family and heart in both places.

Schools Applying To/Looking into:
I will be applying round 1 to UCLA, USC, Rice, Texas A&M, UT Austin.

Surprising Thing about Me:
In 2015 I started house searching in the beginning of February and by the beginning of March I officially owned a house.


I’m Beau and I grew up in central Florida. Graduated from the University of South Florida with a BA in Political Science and I served in the US Army for the past 8 years.

Long Term Career Goal:
I want to be a leader in the energy industry, focusing on renewable and clean energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Post MBA Goal:
Management consulting in the renewable energy industry.

Schools Applying To/Looking into:
Columbia (early decision), Wharton, NYU, Kellogg, Booth, Fuqua, McDonough

Fun Fact:
I love the outdoors, and I graduated from lumberjack school! I trained on all of the timber sports events, including log rolling, pole climbing, axe throwing, underhand chop, standing block chop, chainsaw, bow saw and cross-cut saw.


Hi Beau!

Happy to see there’s a fellow applicant interested in renewables! That’s the direction I’m headed towards. Let’s connect :slight_smile:

Your choice of schools is rather intriguing. Would you feel comfortable in sharing the logic behind your choices? Our only overlapping school is Kellogg, but even Kellogg isn’t that strong when it comes to renewables…

How are your applications going?


Hi Sarah,
For my school selections, I want a global program in a big city in the United States that has a lot of alumni, and I really love New York. I started visiting schools over the summer, and Columbia had an unexpected impact on me. Their Earth Institute is doing some remarkable work in sustainability and climate change research, and the Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy. It’s by far my top choice for business school.

Wharton has a program called Pennergy : the Penn Center for Energy Innovation.

The Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago.

Duke Fuqua’s EDGE program, the Center for Energy, Development, and the Global Environment is another program that I visited and loved.

I’ve got two upcoming visits to Chicago to learn more about the Booth and Kellogg programs.


I learned about MIT Sloan’s Leaders for Global Operations (MIT LGO program) this weekend, where after 24 months, students finish with an MBA and a master of science in one of seven engineering departments.


Interested in renewable energy? Columbia University’s collaborative efforts to combat climate change are world class.

In May 2017, Columbia Business School “brought the world’s best scientists into a conversation with the world’s best investment professionals.” The results and associated white paper can be found at the link below.


I submitted one application in Round 1 and five in Round 2. I’ve received interview invites from four great schools, and I’ll be excited if I get accepted into any one of them. I hope everyone else is doing well and feel free to share updates about your business school application and interview experiences.


Congrats Beau! Best of luck with your interviews.


Congrats Beau! Glad to hear about your brilliant progress :slight_smile: I’ve submitted to 5 MBA programs (four in R2 and one in R3). Have just had 2 interviews and will hear from the remainder schools in the coming weeks. I’m super nervous…


Any news @SarahChenLin @bgresham?
Crossing my fingers for you.


Hey @Darren,
I got accepted to NYU Stern and Georgetown today! I’m still waiting to hear from two more schools next week before I make a decision.


Congrats Beau! Keep us posted…


I accepted an offer to attend NYU Stern’s full-time MBA program!


I think it’s time to start a Lumberjack Club at Stern, sounds infinitely more fun (and effective) than the gym!

You wanted to get into renewable energy / consulting. What about Stern excites you in this space?